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This exceptionally accurate, durable and reliable tape is ideal for the professional user. The blade is accurate to EC Class I and features a tough grey ABS case with a non-slip rubber grip pad. The easy-to-operate brake holds the blade securely at the desired length and the effective bump stop gives added blade and end-hook protection during use.

  • Blade accurate to EC Class I.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Tough grey ABS case with non-slip rubber grip pad.
  • Easy-to-operate positive action lock, minimising blade slip.
  • Bump stop for added blade and end-hook protection.
  • Triple rivet end-hook on 25mm wide blades and reinforcing plate on 19mm and 25mm wide blades.
  • Belt clip and self-zeroing end-hook.

  • Made In Britain - Fisco
    Model Length EC Accuracy Class Graduation Blade Width
    TL3ME 3m/10ft I mm/inch 13mm
    TL3M 3m I mm 13mm
    TL5ME 5m/16ft I mm/inch 19mm
    TL5M 5m I mm 19mm
    TV5ME 5m/16ft I mm/inch 25mm
    TV5M 5m I mm 25mm
    TL8ME 8m/26ft I mm/inch 25mm
    TL8M 8m I mm 25mm




    Lengths AvailableBlade Width
    Metric Short Tape Blade 13mm wide Class 1Metric English Short Tape Blade 13mm wide
    5m5m/16ft19mm & 25mm
    Metric Short Tape Blade 19mm wide Class 1Metric English Short Tape Blade 19mm wide
    Metric Short Tape Blade 25mm wide Class 1Metric English Short Tape Blade 25mm wide
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