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This exceptionally accurate, durable and reliable tape is ideal for the professional user. The blade is accurate to EC Class I and features a tough grey ABS case with a non-slip rubber grip pad. The easy-to-operate brake holds the blade securely at the desired length and the effective bump stop gives added blade and end-hook protection during use.

  • Blade accurate to EC Class I.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Tough grey ABS case with non-slip rubber grip pad.
  • Easy-to-operate positive action lock, minimising blade slip.
  • Bump stop for added blade and end-hook protection.
  • Triple rivet end-hook on 25mm wide blades and reinforcing plate on 19mm and 25mm wide blades.
  • Belt clip and self-zeroing end-hook.

  • Made In Britain - Fisco
    Model Length EC Accuracy Class Graduation Blade Width
    TL3ME 3m/10ft I mm/inch 13mm
    TL3M 3m I mm 13mm
    TL5ME 5m/16ft I mm/inch 19mm
    TL5M 5m I mm 19mm
    TV5ME 5m/16ft I mm/inch 25mm
    TV5M 5m I mm 25mm
    TL8ME 8m/26ft I mm/inch 25mm
    TL8M 8m I mm 25mm




    Lengths AvailableBlade With
    Metric Short Tape Blade 13mm wide Class 1Metric English Short Tape Blade 13mm wideEnglish Short Tape Blade
    5m5m/16ft16ft19mm & 25mm
    Metric Short Tape Blade 19mm wide Class 1Metric English Short Tape Blade 19mm wideEnglish Blade
    Metric Short Tape Blade 25mm wide Class 1Metric English Short Tape Blade 25mm wideEnglish Short Tape Blade
    *English blades only available in certain markets.
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